Flashback Friday

One-Hit-Wonder Special, Vol. 1

I don’t have too much time to write, so I just give you a few one-hit-wonders from the past. Maybe you’ll remember some of them, and maybe you wished you’ll never hear them again… sorry! 😀

Hayzee Fantayzee – John Wayne Is Big Leggy
Stupid band name, stupid outfit, and somehow the song goes with that. But then… why doesn’t it bother me to listen to it again???

Fra Lippo Lippi – Shouldn’t Have To Be Like That
Never heard anything else from this band before or after this…

Jean Beauvoir – Feel The Heat
Name sounds French, but I’m not sure if he really was. Just remember that he had punk hair and looked a bit like the evil twin of Limahl!

Romantics – Talking In Your Sleep
I think a lot of today’s average Brit-bands sound like this. Let’s see if their songs will also be heard in 20 years time!

Desireless – Voyage Voyage
No evening at the disco was complete without this song. It still is catchy as hell, and I just found myself tapping along to it!

Rock Steady Crew – Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew)
Aahh… those were the glorious breakdancing days! Everyone tried it, most of them failed. But it was always fun to watch! 😀


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