More Labrador!

Some more good news in addition to yesterday’s posting about Swedish label Labrador.

The tracklist for the 4CD-Box can be downloaded here as a PDF-File. It really is a great compilation, and I think everyone who loves new Scandinavian pop-music should own this thing! Labrador is also offering four exclusive tracks from the sampler:

Sambassadeur – Ice And Snow

The Radio Dept. – Against The Tide

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Trumpets And Violins

Club 8 – Everlasting Love

Bring on the box!!!

Somewhat Labrador related is Morten‘s discovery from yesterday. He found Swedish band Ronderlin on MySpace, and Labrador released their debut album Wave Another Day Goodbye in 2002. The songs got me from the first notes, and I had to order that album immediately. I did a quick search on the net and found these songs here:

You Made Somebody Want You


Make sure you visit Morten today as he will be posting two more songs from Ronderlin!

While looking for those Ronderlin tracks, I’ve found American label Parasol Records. Parasol started as a mail-order in 1991 and has since then released various music from indie-artists. And similar to Labrador, Parasol offers a truckload of free MP3s from their artists. Just check the download list here! This should keep everyone looking for independent music busy for a while! I don’t even know half of the bands there, so if anyone has a special recommendation, please let me know. Here’s what I think you should listen to:

Moonbabies – Over My Head

Peter Bjorn And John – Far Away, By My Side

Starlet – Stop And Let It Go

The Wannadies – Happy

Thirdimension – Last Real People


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