A Nice Place In Sweden

Indie label Labrador must be one of the best Swedish places on the internet. Not only do they have a sixth sense for picking up one great artist after another, they also have a large section of free MP3s to “taste” all those bands. They were among the first who realized that the Internet has a big influence in today’s music lover’s habits, and quite a few have followed their example. And that’s a good thing really!

So I’ve learned today that the label will release a 4-CD-Box on February 14th called “a complete history of popular music“. Here’s what the label has to say about it:

We celebrate our 100th release and 10 years as a label with an exclusive 4 CD Box with one song from each release ever. 100 songs + thick booklet with Labrador history and interview, comments on each track, the bands list their Labrador favourites and more.

There’s no track list available yet (you can see a few ones on the special website here), but I expect it to be nothing less than great! And it’s a bargain for only 22 Euros! You can already place your order with Labrador to get the box on February 14th.

Here’s a selection of my favourite Labrador-bands:

Acid House Kings – Sunday Morning

Douglas Heart – Dream

Laurel Music – No One Wants Forever

The Legends – Play It For Today

The Loveninjas – Keep Your Love

The Radio Dept. – The Worst Taste In Music

Sambassadeur – Between The Lines

South Ambulance – Die 5times times5

Wan Light – In The Heart Of Sarah Freeman

So off you go now… visit Sweden today!!!


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