Free Download Charts

Haven’t really had time to listen to some new music to recommend you, so I just give you a few gems from Last.FM‘s latest free download charts!

Of Montreal – Disconnect The Dots
(you really have to turn up the volume here… makes the song even more enjoyable!!!)

Circa Survive – The Great Golden Baby
(never heard of them before, but this really is a great song! Feel free to give me more infos on this band! 🙂 )

The Essex Green – Our Lady In Havana
(the band name seemed somewhat familiar, and it was a good choice to listen to this one. Wonderful voice!)

Viola – Lovelights
(an old familiar; downloaded this one a few months ago, and remember liking it. Nice pop tune that deserves to be played again!)

Kind Of Girl – Poetry Boy
(just saying… if you’re familiar with my blog, you should know them, if not: GET TO KNOW THEM NOW!!!)

Queen – ’39
(wow… who put that epic on Last.FM? This is one of their best songs that should even appeal to Queen-haters… give it a try, Morten! 😉 )

Grandaddy – Elevate Myself
(never really found time to get into the music of Grandaddy… a mistake probably?)

Hope to write something more substancial soon, just feeling a bit too lazy lately… sorry ’bout that!

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