Album News

Thirteen Senses‘ second album Control has been postponed. The single – All The Love In Your Hands – will now be released on March 19th, followed by the album on April 2nd. I guess good things come to those who wait…

You can listen to the excellent album closer Ones And Zeroes on Vertigo Records. Just skip forward on the player on the right side until you find the song. There’s also a clip of All The Love In Your Hands.

And here are three live recordings, brought to you by fabulous fansite from Lewis Slade:

The Salt Wound Routine (MP3)
Gone (MP3)
Expecting To Fly (MP3)

Happy times for Prog-Rockers. Porcupine Tree-mastermind Steven Wilson will not only release the new album from his side-project Blackfield this month, but has also announced the next album from his main band. Fear Of A Blank Planet will be released this April. It will only contain 6 songs, but most of them are “lengthy”. Which is absolutely fine with me! The album will be followed by another European tour which will hopefully bring the band to Switzerland again. I will see Wilson and his musical partner Aviv Geffen on February 24th when he plays a gig here to promote Blackfield‘s second album. Great things to look forward to indeed!

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