This ‘n That Continued

Bedroom Eyes
We start in Sweden today. Bedroom Eyes create lush and addictive pop songs that will stick with you immediately. The first four-track-EP is available for free on their homepage… thanks for that!
Motorcycle Daydream (MP3)
Dancing Under Influence (MP3)

Another cool Spanish band. Excellent synthie/power-pop. Invisible is a damn fine song. Haven’t found a download, but here’s the video:

The Margarets
Found this band via Bedroom Eyes‘ Homepage, and immediately fell for their first single, Rubber Rubbish. Those Swedes just know how to write great pop tunes, don’t they? (more sounds here)
Rubber Rubbish (MP3)

Steve Adey
A new MySpace-friend from England. Very very slow, but utterly wonderful singer/songwriter-sounds. You probably have to be in the mood for this music, but if you are, you will enjoy it!
Laughing (MP3)
Kiback (MP3) (reminds me of Archive)

The Reasoning
MySpace again, but completely different genre. The Cardiff band plays traditional prog-rock with male/female voices, the male one sounding a bit like Peter Gabriel (not that this is a bad thing, mind you!). Even if you’re not into this kind of music, you have to visit the beautifully designed homepage! Streams of a few songs available there.


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