A Visit To Sweden

I was contacted by Swedish band Roenik via MySpace a few months ago, but I didn’t write anything about them here due to the lack of time and also missing free downloads. But I remember that I quite liked what I’ve heard on their profile. Lucky for me that I now re-discovered the band on Last.FM’s free download charts!

The 5 guys from Gothenburg, Sweden, have been around for a little while now, offering their power-rock to the people. They have already released an EP called Unique, been touring various countries and are currently working on new material. The homepage says the following about their music: Cornered between the luscious old amplifiers and instruments you will find sounds of fairy tales, synthezisers and distorted crystal glasses all of which gives the rock a new more beautiful dimension. And indeed, the four songs available on Last.FM are really interesting to listen to. I especially recommend Everything That’s New and You Should Go.

So I guess we will see what the future has in stock for Roenik. Personally, I’d like to hear more from them, but as it is, this is not for me to decide. But maybe this feature will help them a little…


Everything That’s New
You Should Go (MP3)
Whisk (MP3)
Leave That Something (MP3)


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