You Had Your Chance…

… to make a wish for 2007 on my blog. But it seems that most of you are either not wishing for anything, or are just content with the way the world goes. I’ve got a total of 2 (!) wishes from my readers which I think is a bit shabby for a blog with an average of about 300 hits per day. Well, there’s nothing I can do now, but I guess this was my first and last ever attempt to make a competition here…

OK, the wishes:

Morten really really really loves to see Keira Knightley under his Christmas Tree next year. I’m pretty sure he’d get into trouble with his wife if that wish would come true, so I’m not even trying to arrange that! 🙂 But everyone’s allowed to have dreams, and Morten, if I ever see Keira, I’ll let her know you’re a fan! 😉

Peter from Schallgrenzen made a very noble wish. He would like to organize some concerts or even a little festival for indie bands in his hometown in Germany. As a Radio DJ, he has already made some plans, and he already has a few connections to bands, but obviously, there’s so much to think about, and the money’s the other thing. Peter, I hope that you will win the lottery next year, or your rich auntie will finally contact you, and that you will have enough time and money to let that dream come true! I’m eagerly awaiting the invitation to your festival!!! 🙂

I’ve decided that since you two were the only ones who made a wish, you’ll both get a price from me. I’ll get in touch with you soon for more details. Thanks for your participation!


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