MOTM At The Movies: 2006 Revisited

As you already might know, I love the movies. I’ve seen a total of 45 movies this year at the cinema, and a whole lot more on TV or DVD. And as it is the time of the year to post all those best-of-lists, I’m gonna start with my favourite movies of 2006. Here’s my Top 10:

10. The World’s Fastest Indian

Anthony Hopkins can almost play anything, and most of the times, he pulls off a great performance. Here, it was daredevil Burt Munro, a New Zealand race freak who showed that even in an old age, a man can get what he wants if he’s just determined enough to get it. Wonderful feel-good-movie with an excellent performance of Mr. Hopkins. Didn’t expect too much, but got a lot in return!

9. Casino Royale

Bond is back, and better than ever! Daniel Craig was the right choice to play a rough, boisterous and violent secret agent, and it’s mostly his appearence that got the franchise back on the right track. Although a tad too long, the movie left me very satisfied, and I’m curious to learn how they will go on from here.

8. Walk The Line

Stunning performances by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon made this biopic about Johnny Cash a real revelation. Their singing is nothing but excellent! Although the movie concentrates mainly on the relationship between Johnny Cash and June Carter, you’ll find out a lot more about the Man In Black. Definitely one of the best music pics ever!

7. The Departed

Here’s proof that Hollywood still can do a decent action movie without either blowing something up every two minutes or selling a plot that has more holes than Swiss Cheese. Although it is a remake of Hong-Kong-movie Infernal Affairs, director Martin Scorsese adds enough of his own trademarks to make the movie his own. Excellent acting from Matt Damon, Leo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson made this movie a pleasure to watch!

6. Transamerica

A stunning performance of Desperate Housewive Felicity Huffman has put this movie into my top list. She carries the movie from the very first minute until the end, and delivers the struggle of her character so believable that you just have to admire her. Huffman has definitely put herself on the map as a serious and very talented actress with this movie!

5. The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada

I didn’t know much about this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised . What looks like a revenge plot at first, unfolds into a many-layered story about two men and their journey into Mexico. More and more secrets and storylines are uncovered as we travel along, and in the end, you can’t really be sure which of the two men has profited more from the journey. One of the surprise hits for me this year!

4. Children Of Men

I loved the depressing and dark style of this movie. Storywise, it could have been better, but the overall-feeling was just impressing. Great acting from Clive Owen, a fabulous performance from Michael Caine, and Children Of Men contains some of the best camera work I’ve seen this year. I can’t wait to see this one again!

3. Borat

Yes, it might be provocative, it might be silly, and it might be tasteless in some parts. But I’ve never laughed harder this year at the movies! Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat, the Kasachstan reporter, has a wonderful talent to trick people into situations they’d rather not be in. This is what puts this movie above your usual comedy. If you’re willing to forget about political correctness for an hour and a half, you’ll not see anything funnier this year!

2. Adam’s Apples

I’ve seen this Danish gem only yesterday, but it catapulted itself into my top 3 without any difficulties! The story of a Danish priest (Casino Royale-baddie Mads Mikkelsen) and his efforts to re-socialize some broken existences is just hilarious, but on the other hand very touching and sometimes even dramatic. The Danes proof that not only Britains can do deadpan humour. One to watch over and over again!

1. Little Miss Sunshine

When I left the theatre after watching this movie, I really felt the biggest inner smile I ever had! The journey of the Hoover family to get their youngest daughter to a talent contest is heartwarming, sad, hilarious and never without surprises. The characters are downright honest, and even without a lengthy introduction to all of them, you immediately feel like a part of the family. And when the movie ends, you can’t help to feel sad that it’s over already. This is a real sleeper hit, and I’m pretty sure that it will become one of the classic movies of all time!

There you have it! Expect the music-lists to pop up here soon!


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