Washington D.C.’s Paul Michel has been namend Spin-artist of the day recently. Which means that he got a full feature about him and his music on Which is a good thing. And it is even better that spin offers a new song from Mr. Michel for free. And the best thing is that the song is really brilliant. Anyone not yet familiar with Paul Michel should change that immediately. Here is a little help to do it! Artist Of The Day Feature
Wait (Through Her Eyes) (MP3; the new song)
Always Right (MP3; my favourite tune!)
The Fire Theft (MP3; also an older one)

A christmas present from Vib Gyor: in their forum, they offer three songs for free downloading pleasures. Only thing you have to do is register to the forum. It’s no big thing, and the songs are really worth it! You’ll get an older song called More, then a fabulous acoustic version of Tiny Daggers, and a brilliant new song called You Forget which will be on their next EP, to be released in spring 2007. If you want to support one of the hottest new bands, register here:

It’s the last day of work today, and as things usually get a bit hectic during those last hours, I can’t promise that I’ll write some more today. But who knows… maybe things will be different this time! 🙂


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