Alltogether Now:

Say High!

ok… couldn’t think of a better title. So forget about that and read on! 🙂

The Say Highs

Today’s band is from Berlin, Germany, and as I’m a bit in a hurry, I give you the quick facts from their homepage:

The band were formed in the sommer of 2005 and consist of four singer songwriters, Ramin Bijan, David McGinty, Rob Reliant and Till The Morninglight. What brought them together was the fact they knew each other and shared what is known as an understanding about writing songs. No suprise therefore they started to jam around, which then prevailed into getting a list of songs down to record and who knows even make an album. Six months down the line and low and behold “The Bark Is The Song Of The Dog” is now upon us.

The album “The Bark Is The Song Of The Dog” which was recorded and produced in Berlin, to be released in May 2006 on Staatsakt Records, is according to some people “packed with songs of love”. Every song in the right place, the somewhat changing of the voice does give you a pleasent affinity of what is going on. The Say Highs now bring to you an album very much in control of what its trying to say, can love be loved, Im sure it can and The Say Highs execute and answer this beautifully.

I think it’s rather unusual for a band residing in a big city like Berlin to choose folk and country as their preferred genre, but nonetheless those songs are really, really good! The two here are from their album, and you can find a bunch of demo recordings as well as songs from the band members former work here and here (click Media). Don’t miss it!
Away Games
Telling You (MP3)
Bonus: Away Games (Oldmanhappy Remixed) (MP3)


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