This ‘n That

It’s Santa Clause day today in Switzerland. And I took the day off. About time! There’s lots of stuff I needed to do (apart from catching up with all the new music!) before the Christmas rush kicks in. Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ve been collecting:

First some MySpace-stuff. Some new songs to download, but as always in the usual “quality”. Listening highly recommended, though!

The Fallen Leaves have a new, cool song called Hokkaido on offer. What about an album, guys?
Hokkaido (MP3)

AirSpiel also released a great new song on their MySpace. Losing Control is another great expamle of the band’s talent. Album will be out early next year, and I can’t hardly wait!!!
Losing Control (MP3)

Check out the funny, stylish and somewhat sad video for Superheroes Crash by French band OMR.

I’ve got a bunch of friend requests, but I just didn’t have the time to go through them all yet. I’m sure there are some gems amongst them, and I’ll try my best to work on that list soon! Patience, my friends-to-be! 🙂

Going to see Happy Feet with my sister’s kids this afternoon. Trailer looks good… I just hope the German synchronisation will not ruin all the jokes. Well, we’ll see…

More to follow later…


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