Fell For Veldt

A few weeks ago, Brighton-based band Veldt contacted me on MySpace, and once I’ve listened to their song Walking In Silence, I was hooked. String sections and indie rock did the trick (and the fact that the song is over 7 minutes long might have helped, too! 🙂 ). The debut album, The Cause, The Effect arrived earlier this week, and now I’m finally ready to present this band to you!

Veldt is a trio, consisting of vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lloyd Wadey, guitarist/producer James Waterland and ‘cellist/keyboardist Mike Alexander. Musically, I’d say that it’s indie-pop, but there’s a twist to that. The band is influenced by a few other genres, starting with movie scores from the 60ies and 70ies and ending in more darker corners of today’s alternative scene. Although those genres hint at a rather depressive and melancholic sound, there’s always that positive pop-element swinging along with the songs. I think the closest band reference to Veldt must be Mercury Rev, but without their sometimes overblown theatrical approach.

All in all, the music of Veldt is highly enjoyable and very catchy. There are beautiful melodies, a voice that fits the songs perfectly (and sometimes reminds me of Terry Hall or The Divine Comedy) and fine lyrics to complete the picture. I somehow have the feeling that I will discover even more with every spin of this record… and there will be a lot more spins, for that I’m sure!

Walking In Silence


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