…On We Go…

As promised yesterday, here’s the second part of J.A.’s recommendations:

New big Manchester band. “One more minute” is a brilliant song!!!

One More Minute is a great Brit-Pop-tune. Reminds me a bit of the Editors though… not that this is a bad thing! Wouldn’t mind hearing more of these guys here!

You can choose any song but “flavor of the month” or “notice me” are very good ones.

Flavor Of The Month (MP3)
Notice Me (MP3)
Everytime We Go There (MP3)
They really are very good! Catchy indie-rock with lovely voices and melodies. And there’s even more stuff on their homepage for you! Recommended!

New electro-pop band. “sex stops blood” is a good song.
Sex Stops Blood (MP3)
Sound Of My Life (WMA)
Stereo Boy (WMA)
The first few seconds of Sex Stops Blood immediately reminded me of the Pet Shop Boys. But after that, the song very quickly changes to a little indie-rock-anthem. Good one!

Other good electro band. You can choose some songs on:
Golden (MP3)
Guesthouse (MP3)
Only MySpace-quality-downloads here. But very catchy stuff! Golden could be straight out of the 80ies… don’t forget to put on your long black coat!

Everything Is Fine (MP3)
Simple Steps (MP3)
Everything Is Fine is really great. Bit of Blondie, bit of Labrador-pop and a bit of indie rock makes a very enjoyable mix. Also try out Simple Steps, another catchy one. And there’s more on the homepage.


“Pawn” is a brilliant pop song!!!! You must listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pawn (MP3)
Switch (MP3)
Candy Hearts (MP3)
It’s really hard to resist the charm of Pawn, especially for an 80ies-kid like me! But even if you’re not too keen on that musical era, you should give this song a try. Despite its roots, it does sound quite modern as well.

I recommend “Lucky”.

Lucky (MP3)
Mars (MP3)
This is a bit too techno for me… yes, it is melodic and catchy, but it reminds me too much of raves and street parades. And I don’t really like that monotone drum-computer-beat very much.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to José Antonio… I wish I had your time too snoop out all those great bands!!! 🙂


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