Concert News

Nice way to start a day: got a mail in my inbox today from a friend who works at a big Swiss newspaper. He invited me to the Iron Maiden concert in Zurich on December 5th. Now even if I do like some of the older stuff, and a bit of the new stuff as well, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the concert in the first place. I saw Maiden about 15 years ago in London, and they were pretty great back then. But as it is, my musical preferences have shifted a bit since then. So why should I care about a Heavy Metal concert?

There’s two reasons really: the first one is that Iron Maiden don’t sound old-fashioned. Their latest album, A Matter Of Life And Death, has a big progressive influence, and I quite like that new direction. And there are those old classics like Run To The Hills or The Trooper, and they still do sound good after all these years. So song-wise, there should be quite a few things to look forward to.

Second reason: these are VIP-tickets with premium seating! I don’t know yet what all the benefits of that will be, but I’d be a fool not to take this chance, even more so that I don’t have to pay anything for it! Now if I only knew where I have hidden that old jeans jacket with all the buttons…

As you might have heard, rock dinosaurs Genesis have announced a European tour for next year. At least three of the original members have. Shame about Peter Gabriel not joining in, but hey… it still remains a concert I won’t miss! I’ve seen them in 1992 over in Knebworth with 120’000 other fans, and it was a hell of an experience. Fortunately, they will be stopping in Switzerland as well (I guess it’s the least Phil Collins can do for our country… after all, he’s been living here for quite a few years now!).
Tickets for that concerts will go on sale this Saturday, and my guess is that it will be sold out quite quickly. Lazy guy I am, I probably won’t get out of bed early enough to get a ticket, so I just tried something else today: I phoned a local travel company which organizes concert tours and asked them about tickets. Guess what? They got them in just this morning, so a few minutes later, I was the proud owner of a Genesis concert ticket! Easy as that! The guy also told me that I was one of the first, but once word gets around, it will be sold out in no time! For me, this means a secured ticket, a bus drive to the concert and back, and no hassle this Saturday! If just everything in life were that easy!


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