It’s been a while since I recommended a German band on my blog. I’m not very much into bands that sing in German (and there are quite a few around these days!), and as the charts in Germany look almost the same as in Switzerland (meaning rubbish!), I don’t care much about what’s happening there either.

Good thing then that sometimes, German bands contact me on MySpace. Moreso when the band is as good as The Galan Pixs. Those five guys really know how to write some catchy songs, and I think it’s worth it to write a few lines about it. But first a bit of history:

The Galan Pixs started off in 1993 as an Electro-Wave-Act. Since then, they toured mainly through Germany, released several singles, EPs and albums and got raving reviews in scene magazines. Due to various changes in the line-up, the band also changed their style around the beginning of the new Millennium. Actually, it was not really changing, rather adding various influences. So when you listen to The Galan Pixs today, you can still hear electro, but also rock, metal, ambient and even disco music. The band sees themselves as a pop band today, but don’t think of the term “pop” as in aforementioned rubbish charts!

With the mixture of all these different genres, The Galan Pixs are probably not a band that will easily appeal to everyone. Even I don’t really know if this mix works over a complete album’s length as I have only heard a few single songs so far. I like those ones though, so chances are high that I’ll soon be listening to one of their albums and find out more about the music.

I can offer you two songs today. There’s Another Country Another Name from their latest album, and a brand-new one called Everything At All from the forthcoming album Introducing The Band, due for a release in Spring 2007. Both are excellent and rather straight-forward electro-rock-tunes, and you shouldn’t miss them! But you know that already, don’t you?
Another Country Another Name
Everything At All (MP3)


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