Make A Wish!

The end is near! Well, the end of the year at least. Christmas lights start to pop up on various windows and balconies, people seem to get more and more stressed, and the bloggers start to rack their brains for those best-of-2006-lists.

Year’s end is not only about reflecting on things past, but also about looking into the future. So I thought “why not find out what the blogonauts out there expect from 2007”. Could be fun to know, don’t you think?

So here’s the deal: I am granting you one wish for 2007! Let me know what you want. Be that a new album from a long-forgotten band, a concert of your favourite artist in your living room, or Britney Spears falling from a cliff… let your fantasy run free! There’s only one condition: your wish has to be music-related (yeah, true… that would probably rule out that Britney-wish… 😉 ). Apart from that, it’s completely up to you!

“And what’s in it for me?” you might ask. Well, as it is most unlikely that I can fulfill your personal wish (although I might travel quite a way to that cliff!), I thought of something else. Whoever sends me the best wish will get a nice little surprise package from me. I don’t know yet what will be in it, but I expect something musically related, and as I’m from Switzerland, there might be a chance for some of our finest sweets as well. Not telling any more…

Now it’s your turn! Send your wish to the following address: res1999 (at) I will accept entries until December 25th. After that, I’m gonna choose the winner (probably on a basis of which wish made me laugh the most! 😉 ), and I’m gonna post the winner and the best ones here on my blog. The contest is open to everyone, you don’t need to run a blog to compete. But don’t forget to leave your name and email-address as well!

So fire away! I’m very curious to find out what you’d like to hear, see or do in 2007. And it would be fun to see by the end of next year whose wish has come true!!!


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