Très Progressive…

After the mellow Monday band and the electronic Tuesday duo, it’s time to get out those guitars again and let it rock. I was contacted by French band Hauteville, and I didn’t have to look any further for something to bang your head to.

Hauteville started in the middle of the 90ies when they self-produced their first EP in Paris. They came just into all that post-grunge-era, but didn’t jump the bandwagon. They chose a more progressive musical approach, and enriched their sound with some AOR and classic Hard Rock. A few gigs in smaller venues and some festivals followed, accompanied by further rehearsing and composing which eventually led to the release of their first album in 1998, simply called Hauteville. Various Rock Magazines gave them raving reviews, and the path for a successful career was laid out in front of them.

Although they didn’t reach their goal of selling 500’000 albums, and discovered that the road to stardom is a rather tricky one, Hauteville never gave up in creating more and more songs. They stayed true to their initial love of progressive music, and with background singer Lydie Gosselin taking over the lead mic after the former singer left the band, the songs obtained a whole new level. All that led to the release of their second album, Relief Data Incomplete, which came out just this year, almost ten years after the last one. Now there’s a nice little phrase on the band’s MySpace-page: Some would say 10 years is what is necessary to start making a good Bordeaux or Burgundy wine. And with Hauteville being a French band, this makes perfect sense!

If you’re expecting another band like Evanescence or Nightwish, don’t fear! Hauteville are much more interesting and artistic, and one can hear that they’ve grown over the years and didn’t give in to the tempation of creating mass-friendly music. The two songs I’m offering here are nothing short of rock classics, and I’m very anxious to hear the rest of the album. And although I love a fine glass of matured red wine, I do not hope that it will take another 10 years before we hear more from Hauteville!
From Adam To Atom (MP3)
Monster (MP3)


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