Travelling Strangers

One could think that a duo calling themselves Travel By Sea might have been around the block together for quite some time. But as it is, Kyle Kersten and Brian Kraft actually never met in real life. They’ve known each other for 4 years, but only from online interactions. Strange new world, isn’t it?

Their debut album, Shadows Rise, has been created completely by passing thoughts, ideas and recordings from Denver, Colorado to Tustin, California over the Interweb. But unlike the humming sound of cables and wires, the songs of Travel By Sea sound very lively and human. The tone is rather melancholic (at least I got the impression from the few songs I’ve heard so far), but nonetheless very beautiful. I’ve read that the album should be listened to from front to back in one to reveal it’s quality, but you can already guess after listening to a few songs that you’re in for a treat. The band offers two songs from the album on their website, and one older demo, a fine cover version of a Will Johnson song. The album is available for 10 US$ incl. Shipping and Handling via the website. My copy will be on the way shortly… and will hopefully Travel By Air!
I Won’t Let You Down (MP3)
Complete Shakeup (MP3)
Closing Down My House (MP3)


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