I was crawling through the MySpace-friend-requests yesterday, but it was rather a pain. Not because the artists were rubbish, but I constantly got timeout-messages from MySpace. So I finally gave up. But at least I was able to listen to three new friends, and funny enough, all of them are armed with a guitar and a fine voice.

Dick Prall was born in Iowa and resides in Chicago now, where he has already built up a devoted fan-base. Having released three full albums and an EP already, it doesn’t surprise that he’s somewhat a “local hero” there. And it doesn’t surprise either that with songs like the ones here, this is fully justified. Grand Marquee, the single from his latest album, is an immediate earcatcher, and I’m sure you’ll find the other ones equally pleasing. Good stuff here, don’t miss it! And there’s more on his website.
Grand Marquee (MP3)
(Redraw) The Line (MP3)
Haven’t You Noticed (MP3)
Gracefully (MP3)

Music for closed eyes and open minds; words sung to shut some people up. That’s what Erik Mattsson says about his songs. The 25-year-old Swede recorded his first EP all alone in a cottage somewhere near Stockholm, and you can somehow feel this loneliness in the songs. They are fragile, little gems, and the best comparison is probably Iron & Wine. Wonderful, laid-back music to close your eyes to. That’s what Erik says, and that’s what I say, too! Here are three songs, and you can download the rest of the EP via the Wildgeese Music Collective. Highly recommended!
Go Down (MP3)
Idiots On The Dancefloor (MP3)
One-Horse Town (MP3)

El Descamisado is not really a band at the moment, but rather the one-man-project of one Dave Caughey. There’s not much information to get about him, but enough of very nice and mellow sounds. So I just let the music speak, and you should listen. Here are two very good ones, and there’s a lot more on the Webjay link.
The Sweetheart Stone (MP3)
Summer Salt (MP3)

Have a relaxing, mellow Sunday, Blogonauts!


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