The Train Recommends…

Got a little motivation left, so here’s a few bits for you. Actually, it comes from iLiKETRAiNS and their latest newsletter. In there, they have announced a concert (November 16th at the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, for those who are in that neck of the woods), together with some more bands, and I’m gonna introduce three of them here.

Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

quite an unusual name, but it goes perfectly with the music from this Oxford four-piece. There probably isn’t a drawer that YMSS would fit in. You’ll get the following when you read the reviews on MySpace: clever, original, sadistically unpredictable, brilliant, ramshackle art-punk, eclectic, scary art-metal, progressive and weird, but fucking wonderful. No use adding any more words… just listen for yourself and be amazed!
Youthmovies – The Pitch And Yaw Of Satellites (MP3)
Youthmovies – Spooks The Hores (65daysofstatic Remix) (MP3)

Blood Red Shoes

This Brighton duo got together when their former bands split up. What started as a jam, has now turned out in a proper musical collaboration with many gigs, two single releases, and a third one just coming up. This is raw and dirty indie rock, with lots of wall-of-sound guitars and angry vocals, mainly from Laura-Mary. Think the bad twins of the White Stripes. Lots of songs are all available for free on their homepage, or you can still buy some of the singles there.
Blood Red Shoes – ADHD (MP3)
Blood Red Shoes – Stitch Me Back (MP3)
Blood Red Shoes – Don’t Always Say Yes (MP3)

The Strange Death Of Liberal England

Another rather unusual name here for a band. The five guys from Portsmouth sound like – in their own words: Experimental ambient melodies mixed with the sounds of thunderbolts crashing in a war of uncertainty. I think of the three bands, this one is the closest to iLiKETRAiNS, with their rakish and charismatic song creations. It might not suit everyone’s taste, but you should at least give an earful. And if you like The Arcade Fire, you should definitely give Mozart On 33 a try!
The Strange Death Of Liberal England – Motor In The Sky, Oil On The City (MP3)
The Strange Death Of Liberal England – Mozart On 33 (MP3)


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