The Last Will Be The First

Wow, how cool is that? Last.FM has had a major update yesterday, and it is pretty awesome! It still has all the features we grew to like (various charts, friends, neighbours), but it’s of course the new stuff that you like to hear about. First of all, there’s a fancy flash player integrated now. This means you don’t have to download and install the Last.FM-player like before… the new player just opens in a new browser window, and you’re ready to listen to your own or the radio of your neighbours. Niiiiice!

Then there’s an event manager where you can check your area for concerts. Of course you can add your own gigs as well. This way, you’ll never miss a concert of your favourite bands. And you can even check who’s going there and maybe meet some new friends. Niiiiiice!

Next is a cool little feature called the taste-o-meter. Every time you visit another user’s page, you can check the taste-o-meter and see your musical compatibility to that user. This is quite fun… and niiiiice!!!!

And now on to the best part: free downloads! Over 100’000 of them!! In a decent quality of 128 Kbps!!! Now if this is not niiiiiiice, what then? Many bands and labels have already marked songs as free available downloads. It’s a bit of a search at the moment (you can find downloads either in your dashboard or on the bands page), but the busy little elves behind Last.FM are currently working on a way to make the search easier. I’ve already spent a little time searching, and here are a few of my finds:

With MySpace’s low quality of downloadable tracks and their recent announcement to block the upload of copyrighted material (read about it here), this new addition to Last.FM is a welcome alternative. I hope that more and more bands and labels will join this very clever system soon. I keep my fingers crossed!

There have also been some redesigns on user and band pages, and it all looks great. I have to say that I neglected Last.FM a bit during the last few months, but that is going to change now. Here’s a great tool for all us music freaks, and if you don’t have an account yourself, now’s the time to get one. It’s free, it’s fun… and it’s niiiiiiiice!!!!


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