More Than Us?

When you put together Glasgow, Popmusic and Melodies, most of us probably think of Travis. To be honest, I did, too. But that might just change now. There’s a new kid in town, and chances are high that it will cause turmoil on that city playground. But let’s start from the beginning:

David Merry and John Harris met at the tender age of 12, but weren’t aware by then that they might end up in a songwriting partnership. It was some 10 years later that they started working together, and the idea of AirSpiel was born. They were joined by keyboarder Mark Adams, and together they survived several years of creating and discharging ideas and other band members coming and going. Though that process might have been tiring, it added very much to the confidence in the band’s songwriting. Quitting was never an option, as the band always believed in their music. And it’s good they did!

In 2005, drummer Cameron Meiklejohn joined the band, and with his talent, AirSpiel‘s songs finally became the little epics that they are now. Which brings us back to 2006. AirSpiel‘s debut album called In Another Life is just about ready to be released. According to the band, it will be about missed opportunities, trapped emotions, hard-to-find directions in life, and that certain feeling that you just might be invisible to other people. True, there still is another invisible band around, but AirSpiel has more than enough talent to get their own spot on the music playground. They have been compared to The Bluetones, Coldplay and – of course – Travis already, and their melodic pop-rock epics surely justify those comparisons. But I think there’s a bit more to AirSpiel than just your average copycat. All of the four songs on MySpace have their own distinctive touch (not least because of singer Merry‘s beautiful, melancholic voice), and if the other tunes on the album are equally good, it might turn out as an instant classic!

The band has kindly allowed me to post one song from their forthcoming album. It will only be here for 14 days, so get it now! You can download three more songs on MySpace if you don’t mind the quality, and you can listen to two of the songs in better quality on their homepage. I highly recommend this band, and I’ll keep you updated on the album progress.
Ghosts (MP3) (enter the code in the grey field and click “Download”)


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