New Kids On The Blog

Well, the title for this posting has probably been (ab-)used too many times already, but it was the best I could think of… sorry ’bout that! 🙂

Anyway, I have added a few new blogs to my link-list, and I wanted to introduce them to you. So here we go:

Lost In Your Inbox
I have been reading Mjrc’s blog for quite a while now. Always a great source for new music from this Philadelphia blogger.

Another regular on my favourites list. There’s always something good to discover there!

Last Second Thoughts
Jeffro from Virgina mixes music news with movies, sports and lifestyle. Nice, short and often funny posts. And he loves Scrubs! 🙂

Achtung Baby!
Touching words, beautiful pictures, and always the right song to go along with that. Love it!

Reel Fanatic
Keith from Georgia is a movie freak, and his extensive posts about new films have become a regular read for me. Great to read about movie buzz long before it is heard here in Europe!

Only discovered this one last week, but it seems like a good source for indie material. Short posts, lots of music!

Blog title says it all. Craig from Illinois covers Sweden’s music scene with news, videos and mp3s. If it’s hot, you’ll probably find it here!

Local Vertical
Another one I’ve discovered lately. Chris from Florida blogs mainly about music, but adds movie stuff from time to time.

The Merry Muses Of Caledonia
A blogger collective that concentrates on indie music from Ireland and Scotland, but always has an eye on other good stuff around as well.


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