Me And José…

You might have read about José Antonio in Morten‘s blog already. He’s Spanish, he’s a music freak like we are, and he’s always a great source for new bands! So yesterday, I finally found some time to go through his mails, and here’s what I’ve found… no, here’s what José has found!

Birds On Holiday
Girl/Boy-pop from Sweden. Jesper and Josefin have been making music together since autumn 2005, and they offer us three songs on their homepage. Josefin lives in Paris now, so maybe there will be a French influence in the songs soon…? We’ll see. Until then, enjoy the tracks.
Keep What You Got (MP3)
Take Me To The Sunshine (MP3)

The Mission District
from Montréal, Canada, playing together since 2004. They have already released an EP, and are currently working on their debut album, due to be released in 2007. Nice and catchy indie-pop. Listen to All I Ever Wanted, it’s quite good!
All I Ever Wanted (MP3)
Answer To Me (MP3)
Hyper Modern (MP3)
Don’t Write Me Off (MP3)

I wasn’t too sure at first if I really should write something about the four girls from Vancouver, Canada. They just reminded me too much of Vanilla Ninja and the likes, and I’m not very much into that kind of “plastic-rock”. But then I thought I should probably just enjoy a simple rock song from time to time, and here we are. The two songs here are surely catchy, but I don’t think I’ll end up in a long-term musical relationship with Lillix. Wouldn’t mind having a cup of coffee with them sometime though… 😉
Tomorrow (MP3)
Hollow (MP3)

Another Canadian act from Montréal. Mobile plays power-pop, and it’s a bit the same as with Lillix. It might be fun for a while, but it will not catch my attention for long. They have already released an album, and apparently have a record deal with Universal. Good for them! Well… yeah. That’s about it. Listen now!
Out Of My Head

The Doubtful Guest
Last but not least a new MySpace-friend. The Doubtful Guest lives in Bath, UK, and has contacted me because I have Turin Brakes in my friends list. And they’re not that far away from their compatriots. The main difference is that there’s a stronger country influence in the Guest‘s songs which I think is quite a good thing. Just listen to Moment Of The Year, and you’ll hear what I mean. The band’s debut album is unfortunately sold out, but a new EP is in the works. I’ll keep you posted about any progress!
Moment Of The Year (MP3)


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