Just The Four Of Us…

I guess a lot of my readers are also familiar with the blogs of Morten, Peter 1 and Peter 2. As the four of us have a close blog-relationship, it sometimes happens that you will find postings about new bands not only on one of our blogs, but on two or three of them. And sometimes it even happens that a band is mentioned by all four. And guess what: here comes one of those bands! So this is old news for readers of my fellow bloggers blogs, but for all of you who haven’t read about Metropol yet, here’s another chance! (and you should have figured out by now that if all four of us recommend the same band, it must be something good! 😉 ). Let’s go to Spain now!

Valencia is where Metropol come from. and the reason for the four of us hyping the band is probably their song My Own Gravity (listen on MySpace). Although the piano part sounds a lot like Muse‘s Starlight, you can’t hardly resist the catchiness of this song. This is Indie-Pop with a big attitude! There are more tunes like this on their demo CD (read about that later), and I’m pretty sure that you will find a favourite of your own amongst the 11 tracks.

Morten thinks the singer’s voice is not the perfect one for the songs. While I do not completely disagree, I don’t think it’s a bad voice. What could disturb one or the other is the slight spanish accent; I find it somewhat charming though. Best decide for yourself!

The band only has a MySpace-site so far, and this is enough to get a taste of the band’s music. The better news is that you can download the whole Demo-CD for free, of course in a much better quality. There’s only one zipped file though, so readers with a slow connection should bring a bit of patience. But I can tell you that the time’s worth it! The demo is very well produced, and most of the songs could go on a regular album straightaway.

So listen to the four of us and visit Metropol. You won’t regret!

Demo-CD (rar-file)

UPDATE: sad news! The zip-file with the demo-CD has been removed as it was apparently uploaded illegaly. Only the MySpace-files are left now. Thanks, Peter, for letting me know.

UPDATE2: good news! The file is still available, only the link has changed! Get it while it’s there!!!

btw.: molotov from A Plague Of Angels has already promoted the band as well, which makes it five. Should be convincing enough now, shouldn’t it? 😀


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