Had a somewhat bad start into this day; first my computer at work wouldn’t start up, then people came nagging about unimportant things, phone started ringing with more nagging people on the line… and that all was within the first hour and before my first coffee! I hate those days…

So I was in desperate need for some mellow music to bring me down again, and I found it in Glaswegians Fram, another band I’ve discovered via MusicOHM‘s brilliant Unsigned Guide. Not much information is to be found about Fram other than they’re mainly a studio band without big ambitions to get famous. As they say, they believe in the redemptive power of great music, and its inherent heart and soul. They go on: Great music can have an emotional impact, and a physical one. If we could find one chord change or lyric that operated at that level we’d be delighted. That search is the greatest part of being in a band.

Nice thoughts, I think. And when you listen to the songs already available, you will hear that they really mean what they say. Especially Dream is a wonderful piece of music that starts off slowly, takes you by the hand and leads you into an almost noisy, epic ending. Nostalgia is another beautiful one with a little Pink-Floyd-touch, and Motion is the most uplifting one of the three.

The band is currently writing more songs for a full-length album. If it will ever see the light, we don’t know. I can imagine that Fram will not release an album just to have one out. They’re on the right track with the three songs already existing, and if they can create more beauties like these, I can see no reason for the album to be held back. Let’s see what happens next!

For lack of any band pics, I have posted a picture of Fram‘s favourite photographer, Dan Holdsworth. If you’ve got a little time on your hands, I suggest you visit his site, too. The music of Fram is the perfect background for rummaging in those excellent shots!

Dream (MP3)
Nostalgia (MP3)
Motion (MP3)


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