Another Mixed Bag Of Music

I’m slowly making progress on all the new music I have missed during my holidays. I’m gonna post some of the stuff now, and I might get back to one or the other artist later and write a few things more. Sorry for not mentioning the source of where I found the songs… I really lost track of that!

Kuryakin – Snow
A nice, laid-back Electronic-popsong from a Swedish band. More songs on their homepage.

Nozzle – Too Late
Nozzle ist the band of New Model Army guitarist Dave Bloomberg. They have just released a three-track-EP which can be heard on their MySpace-Site. This one here is an older song, but still very good!

Endwise – In My Mind
This Swiss band has been founded only a bit over a year ago for just one concert, but the members felt an urge to go on and create more songs. Melodic pop is what they do, and they’re doing it quite ok. Nothing groundbreaking, but good enough to get an earful.

I wanted to write something about missFlag, but Peter has beaten me to it. So I decided to post some songs of this rather good Israeli band as well, but now I’ve discovered that their homepage and also the links to their songs are dead. I couldn’t find any other source for downloading the songs, but nonetheless you should at least listen to the streams which you can also find on iSound. (the dead one… maybe it’ll work again sometime)

Goddamn Electric Bill – Country Jam and Climbing Spiral Stairs
With a name like this, you don’t have to wait long before people want to know what’s behind it. So let’s uncover this band, or rather the mastermind behind it! GEB is the project of multi-musicalist Jason Torbert, and his mix of ambient-electronic and post-rock somehow escaped the four walls of his bedroom. This resulted in a full-length CD and various features in music-mags around his hometown San Diego. There you have it! Now listen to the two songs offered here and see if you like those instrumental tunes… I do!

Electric Mantra – Only Sun (ZIP-File)
Another one-man-project comes from Canada, and is called Electric Mantra. A certain Van Roland is behind it all, writing, composing and playing the songs. It’s quite an interesting mix, and Roland’s voice reminds me a bit of Chris Cornell from Audioslave. Give it a shot!

Havana Guns – She Always Goes Down
I have posted this song before, but as it was a frequent visitor on my MP3-player during the holiday, I’m just gonna repost it. After all, it is a damn catchy indie-rock-tune, and it will definitely pop up on my soon-to-be-updated Hot Tracks-list!

And now I have to go and buy that new Scissor Sisters-album… the Hype-Machine has found lots of tasters, and they’re all quite good. Although I’ll probably never forgive them for mutilating Comfortably Numb!


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