Swedish mellow-poppers Amandine will release a new EP soon. You can listen to two of their fine, new songs via their homepage (or here!). Perfect sound for gray autumn days!
Wake (MP3)
Sparrow (MP3)
Halo (MP3)

Morten is high on fellow Danes Anamia. They have just released their first CD, and it is available for free on their homepage. I haven’t listened to everything yet, but what I’ve heard sure sounds promising!
The Step (MP3)
Death Of The Chain-Smoking Man (MP3) cool guitar!

Prog-Rockers Also Eden also have released their debut-CD. I’ve just ordered it, and you’ll probably read about it here soon!
Between The Lines (MP3)

Read about Eagle*Seagull in a forum, found this song here and decided that I like it. Apparently, the band has already got some blog presence, and I think I have to take a closer look at this band!
Photograph (MP3)

Sweden’s one-man-project Stars In Coma has four new songs. This one here’s really great, and you find the other three on his homepage!
People Put Up With A Lot Of Shit (MP3)

Once I’m through with all the new music, I’ll update the Hot Tracks-list… stay tuned!


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