Alors Les Quebeqouis!

I have finished my French mixtape for the upcoming Canada-trip (read about it here). It was quite a challenge for me finding 80 minutes worth of songs sung in French, but I’ve made it. I’ve mixed some obvious choices like Desireless, France Gall and Vanessa Paradis with newer and unknown stuff, and I’m quite curious how my three fellow travellers will react to this. I just hope they won’t throw me out of the car!!! Here’s the mix:

1) Edith Piaf: Non Je Ne Regrette Rien
2) Axel Bauer: Cargo De Nuit
3) France Gall: Laisser Tomber Les Filles
4) Desireless: Voyage, Voyage
5) Kraftwerk: Tour De France
6) Noir Désir: Le Vent Nous Portera
7) France Gall: Ella Elle La
8) Vanessa Paradis: Joe Le Taxi
9) Caroline Loeb: C’est La Ouate
10) Mylene Farmer: C’est Une Belle Journee
11) Indochine: J’ai Demande A La Lune
12) Guesch Patti: Etienne
13) Melon Galia: Jamais Je Ne Mens
14) Francoise Hardy: Comment Te Dire Adieu
15) Mylene Farmer: Sans Contrefacon
16) Stephan Eicher: Des Hauts, De Bas
17) Telephone: Je Revais D’une Autre Monde
18) Alizee: Moi Lolita
19) Plastic Bertrand: Ca Plane Pour Moi
20) Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose

See, it IS possible to make a French mixtape without Celine Dion! 🙂

You might have read it in the news or on various blogs already that MySpace is planning to sell the music they’re hosting on their sites. That would possibly mean that there will no longer be free downloads which would really be a shame. You can say about MySpace what you want, but it is a great source to discover new music and connect with different artists. I guess it’s no use to start worrying about it until further details come up. What you might not have read is the fact that MySpace has already cut down the quality of all downloads to 96 Kbps. While this might be enough to find out how a band sounds, it is in no way enough for listening pleasure! Please keep that in mind when you download songs here linked from MySpace. Whenever I can find another source for a file, I’ll lead you to it, but I’m not going to start hosting songs unless I’ve got the permission from the artists. Uncertain times lay ahead… :\


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