MOTM At The Movies

After most of the 2006 blockbusters had left me a bit disappointed, it was time again for something smaller. I’ve heard about Little Miss Sunshine only a few days ago, and thought that this could be a welcome change from all the overloaded and overhyped Hollywood stuff that came out recently. Boy, was I right!

Little Miss Sunshine is a road-movie about a family determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant. To do this, they all have to get on their old VW bus and drive through half the US. Of course this is not your average American family (or maybe it is?); while Mommy is your “normal” neurotic housewive, Daddy is a not so-successful motivation speaker, Grandpa likes his porn and his daily lines of cocaine, and the son won’t talk anymore until he gets accepted as an army pilot. Oh, and there’s Uncle Frank, a professor who has just attempted suicide because one of his male students he fell in love with chose his arch-enemy over him. Of course the littlest one, beauty-queen-to-be Olive, is the most normal of the family. You can already guess that this trip will not be a nice and happy Sunday-excursion..

This must be one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year. It’s funny, but not ridiculous, it’s sad, but not corny, it has loveable characters that are not overplayed, and – crucial to a roadmovie – it has a perfect soundtrack. Blogger’s favourite Sufjan Stevens has a few tracks, but the best parts come from Colorado’s Devotchka. They managed to pack all the feelings of the movie into their songs, and thus making the soundtrack almost a main character. You can find two of those wonderful songs from the soundtrack below.

If you plan to go and see the movie (and I really recommend you do!!!), don’t click the Dance Scene link down there, you’ll spoil one of the best scenes in the movie! If you’ve already seen it, go ahead and smile! 🙂

It’s movies like this that make me go to the theaters again and again. I like my brainless blockbuster from time to time, mind you, but it’s those little flicks that trigger the real emotion and make them more enjoyable in the end. Now go and see it, and make sure you check out the excellent homepage… there’s so much to discover!

Devotchka – How It Ends (MP3)
Devotchka – You Love Me (MP3)

The Dance Scene (MP3)


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