Here’s another round-up of that beloved MySpace

Anthony Neff
Acoustic/Folk/Rock from North Carolina, USA. Sounds like a very good live performer. Nice mix of acoustic ballads and rock songs.
Enemy (MP3)
Porchlight (MP3)

The Guest Room
Acoustic/Indie from Arizona. Mostly laid-back and mellow ballads. There’s definitely a potential here.
Patience (MP3)
Sleep (MP3)

nicked that one from Morten. A total of 4 new songs are available for free on MySpace. Definitely worth checking out! And someone give these guys a record contract, please!!!
Robots (MP3)
Bogota (MP3)

The Monday Photo
…just wants you to know that their latest song, Fall, is now downloadable. You wouldn’t want to miss this one!!!
Fall (MP3)

This Indie-Rock/Electronica-act from Germany really is special. There’s scratching, there’s feeping, there’s bleeping, all wrapped up in a kind of 80s rock beat. I’m not really sure if I like it or not. It has that certain something, but on the other hand this could turn out to be quite annoying. Decide for yourself.
Hello Goodbye
dnb (MP3)

Zoli is one Zoltan Czetner who has written, played, produced and released an album on his own label. The Canadian multi-talent has some pretty good acoustic-progressive works on his site. Best check him out.
All That’s Pretty (MP3)
Still Pain In Your Heart (MP3)

And now three new tipps from José Antonio (the guy should really start a blog of his own, what with all the good stuff he always discovers!).

The Alones
This Manchester band has already had some airplay over in the UK, and it’s easy to hear why. Silver is a great Brit-Pop tune, and the rest of the songs don’t sound too bad as well. Another next big thing?
Silver (MP3)
Faded Heart (MP3)

Havana Guns
From London come the Havana Guns, and they deliver some catchy rock tunes. I especially like She Always Goes Down. More free downloads on their official site.
She Always Goes Down (MP3)

Off to Scotland now. Glasgow is the home of AirSpiel (funny name…), and from them, we get melodic/semi-acoustic Brit-Pop. I have listened only once to their songs so far, but I think they might pop up more often on my playlist. These ones here are my favourites, and you can listen to the rest on their homepage.
Sign Away
Last Man On Earth


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