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A Plague Of Angels has once again come up with a great band. Johan are from the Netherlands and offer veeeery catchy pop-tunes. The four songs that molotov offers on his blog did enough for me to order an album. I highly recommend you go over there and get them as long as they’re there! And now someone get Walking Away out of my head again, please!!!

Morten has received a new bunch of music from Rodolfo. I haven’t listened to all of it yet, but got stuck with this great song by The Visions. Wider Than The January Skies really is an epic track you shouldn’t miss!
The Visions – Wider Than The January Skies (MP3)

The Clear Coast brings us a wonderful pop act by the name of This Episode. Sing and tap along to this very appealing girl/boy-vocal band. The Movies and Move On are two instant earhangers.
This Episode – The Movies (MP3)

I’ve mentionned 120 Days before (found them via Eardrums), but now that I’ve listened to the song a few times, I really fell in love with it. Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone) is a great, 8-minute-long electro-rock-epic that combines 80ies-Wave with contemporary indie. This one’s very highly recommended!!!
120 Days – Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone) (MP3)

Jamie from The Runout Groove has – like many others – found the new song by those Lemonheads. Although I have enjoyed their songs, I never was a big fan of Evan Dando and his mates. The new one sounds quite pleasing though. Get it at the Groove!

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends recommends The Rosewood Thieves, an alt/rock-band with a nostalgic touch. You can find two songs there. I like them, maybe you will, too!

Blogs that wrote about Mew recently:
The Laws Have Changed
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not too bad, ey?

Torr seems to be back in business and brings us Gerard Starkie. He’s the former singer of Witness (don’t know them either), and he has just released his solo album. You can get it for free over at at Torr‘s or on Gerard‘s MySpace. It sounds really good, and his voice reminds me of Live‘s Ed Kowalczyk. Check out these ones here:
The Script (MP3)
The Recovery (MP3)

not blog-related, but anyway:
José sent me a wonderful song by Canadians Paper Moon. String Of Blinking Lights might sound a tad too much like the Cardigans, but I really don’t mind that. Their record company offers two songs from their latest album, Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day, and I urge you to get them as fast as you can.
String Of Blinking Lights (MP3)
Mercury Is Clearly Opposing Neptune (MP3) (love that song title!)


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