The Evening Mix

Whenever I have a party with friends, or just invite people around, and I’m in need of some background music, I rely on my so-called “Evening Mix”-playlist. It’s a mix of old and new stuff that keeps growing constantly. Most of my friends know the older stuff, but for me, it’s important to add those lesser known songs that could have been big hits if they were only recognized by a bigger audience. And I’m always happy when I get feedback on those songs. Shows to me that good music really wants to be heard… question remains though why there are still so many music zombies around. Guess we’ll never know, as long as the radios keep playing the same shit everyday.

Anyway, I wanted you to be part of the Evening Mix, so I’m gonna keep posting some of the songs that pop up today. Comments are welcome! 🙂

Sugarbomb – Hello
this really should have been a hit! Catchy as hell. As far as I know, the band broke up after this album… shame, really!

Real Life – Send Me An Angel (MP3)
who doesn’t know this one? Big, big hit in the 80ies for these Aussie blokes. I loved Catch Me I’m Falling more though.

Loveninjas – Keep Your Love (MP3)
why don’t they bring that to the radio? I’m sure there’d be a lot of people that would like to know what this is. Feel-good-pop at its best!

Pet Shop Boys – It’s A Sin (MP3)
My 80ies-heroes! The perfect pop-song-writers (until the early 90ies, at least). And their remixes were always ace.

Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It (MP3)
Gorgeous song. I still own the vinyl maxi of this one. One of the best 80ies-bands!

Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (MP3)
very cool song. I don’t really know anything about this guy, and I don’t know what the rest of his music sounds like. If this song is anything to go by, it must be pretty good!

Supertramp – School (MP3)
Couldn’t find Don’t Leave Me Know anywhere, so I chose School instead. This one always makes people sing or hum along. And right so: it is a damn fine song! I’ve always had a special fondness for Supertramp, as it was the first concert I’ve ever seen in my life. Boy, that was a long time ago!!!

The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
Isn’t it astonishing how a few strings, properly arranged, can become the trademark for a whole song? I think this one’s still brilliant after all these years, and if you play that song to friends and no one starts whisteling to it, then something’s definitely wrong!!!

Animotion – I Engineer (MP3)
Another sing-alonger. I remember huuuge 80s-haircuts, long coats and that strange video by the pool. Good song, though!

Ocean Colour Scene – The Riverboat Song (MP3)
great band, great song. Almost a classic!

Touriste – Calm Down (MP3)
the latest Brit-Pop-sensation from the UK. I really hope these guys will have a breakthrough soon, as their songs are just great. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Kent – Karleken Vantar (MP3)
Nice one from Sweden’s finest. You might notice a certain similarity to Visage’s hit from the 80ies, Fade To Grey. There’s a mixed-up-version of both songs around, and it just sounds great. But even on its own, this song’s a winner!

Thirteen Senses – Do No Wrong
Great tune from my favourite debut album of 2004. Hope there’ll soon be new material from this band!

Hope Of The States – Me Ves Y Sufres (MP3)
Probably the most beautiful and heartbreaking song from HOTS. Probably not the right one for a party… unless you already have some personal dramas going on! 🙂

Carpark North – Transparent And Glasslike (MP3)
One of the best songs from a Danish band. It’s catchy, it’s powerful, it’s melodic… it’s perfect!

Death Cab For Cutie – Your Heart Is An Empty Room (MP3)
just made me realise again what a great album Plans is. Everyone in the world should know this band!

That’s it! Look out for a sequel in the near future! 😉


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