That Was Fun!

Had a great weekend! I’ve crossed a 60 meter deep and 350 meter wide gorge tied to a cable, went rowing down a river in a zodiac, did some serious clay pigeons shooting, and yes… I’ve had a few beers! Life can be fun! 🙂

Back to music now:

In my last post, I’ve mentioned Mew on AOL’s interface. Here’s the official link to that thingie: click.There’s the songs, interviews, pictures, a podcast and much more. Check it out if you like.

Swiss alternative rockers Zero In On have made a video for their single City. It looks good, and it even sounds better! Visit YouTube for the video.

New friends on MySpace:

Hearts Of Black Science
Electronica/Alternative-Rock from Sweden. Haunting sounds from up-north. Listen!
Empty City Lights (MP3)

“The World’s Smallest Progressive Rock Band”. Homebase is South London. They also have what looks like a very interesting blog which I will take a closer look at soon. The music so far sounds definitely good!
Motorville (MP3, Demo)
Tinyfish (MP3, Demo)
Fly Like A Bird (MP3)

A Minor Old Story
Instrumental Trip-Hop/Downbeat from France. Very interesting and experimental stuff. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I quite like it!
Pig Reincarnation (MP3)
Evasion (MP3)
Impro Bossa No. 1 (MP3)

She, Sir
Indie/Shoegaze from Austin, Texas. Might sounds a bit raw at the moment, but could turn out very surprising. One to keep in mind!
The Clandestine (MP3)
It’s My Way Of Staying Connected (MP3)

more indie rock from the USA. Not to be confused with the other Cord. One thing in common though: both bands sound very promising. Here’s some songs from the US ones:
Never Be Me (MP3)
12 (MP3)
Over Again (MP3)

And now I need to get some sleep… life can be fun, but sometimes it comes at a price! Nighty-night! 🙂


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