This ‘n That

Fugitive Kind are from Boston, and claim that their music is indie-rock for the future. True, the songs really do sound quite promising, but if it will be what we will hear in coming years remains to be seen. For now, just give a listen to this female-fronted band, and let me know what you think. What artist do you think makes music for the future?
Fear Of Falling
Burned (MP3)

16pac hails from France and offer some pretty good pop tunes. The band is Emma – a former rock singer – on vocals and François, who started off as a singer/songwriter. To my surprise, they have been doing electro-pop in the first, and they did that quite good. They both loved the music of Björk and Portishead, so they’ve decided to take that common liking and create their own bit. My Heart Is Full Of Music was their first minor success, and the first EP got quite good reviews as well. They have just released a new album (now joined by a bassist) and have now started to bring back some folk and rock elements into their songs. Suits them well, I think. Do you? (You can buy both CDs via their website).

MP3s from Debut EP:
My Heart Is Full Of Music (MP3)
Letters From L.A.

MP3s from new Album Endless Work In Progress:
Ghost World
Mad Clown
The Alarm

My new favourite band Under The Influence Of Giants has a nice surprise up on their MySpace: a remix by DJ Earworm called Over The Confluence Of Giants. Just listen to it and see how many different songs you can spot! 🙂
Over The Confluence Of Giants (MP3)


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