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We’re not in Kentucky anymore… oops, sorry, that was Kansas! Anyway, indie rock band Your Black Star wasn’t in Kansas either. At least not in the last few years. They took an unusual way for a band by first promoting their material outside their homeland. Extensive touring through Japan, Australia and the UK must have been quite an experience, but now, the band has returned to the US and plans to conquer their own turf by releasing their album, Sounds From The Ground, on October 17th. The friendly staff from WonkaVision has sent me a copy in advance… thanks for that!

The band was founded back in 2001 in Kentucky by two highschool buddies, Jeremy Johnson and Andrew Osborn. Later, bassist Brandon Duggins joined them. They have released a few EPs since then, and Sounds From The Ground will be their first “proper” album. Although the genre is cleary indie-rock, you can spot a few more influences here and there. A bit of shoegaze, a bit of wave, a bit of Britpop makes the album a very enjoyable listen, but on the other hand also a bit irresolute. There are a few smashing tracks like the opener Why Do I Wait, the catchy Oh Jesus… or the slow-growing Sunburn that really click on the first time, but others probably need a bit more time. It is a good album, though. Sounds From The Ground is a good foundation stone for a longer lasting career, even if it isn’t a commercial success. But my guess is that it will sell quite a few copies, and if things work out, Your Black Star probably won’t stay in Kentucky for too long again.

This is my impression after three spins. I have already discovered some more songs that have potential, so I guess I will keep listening. Here are two songs from the forthcoming album, and an older one. Give them a try!
Why Do I Wait
Oh Jesus… (MP3)
Lousy Smarch Weather (MP3)


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