The Band Formerly Known As Pilate

Yes, this is definitely the last album that I’ll buy from Pilate. Not that it is so bad, but the band just decided recently to change their name to Pilot Speed. Worse things have happened, so I’m not really worried about that. But back to Pilate now. Their second full album Sell Control For Life’s Speed, arrived here this week.

I remember reviewing Caught By The Window earlier this year. That album reminded me of Coldplay and U2, which was mainly because of singer Todd Clark‘s voice. So on now to the “difficult” second album. I was wondering in which direction the band would go. New experiments or just a blueprint of its predecessor?

While opener Knife Grey Sea did remind me of Bono again, I was relieved that the rest of the album doesn’t sound like the Irish lads (not that I hate U2, I just don’t need a U2-clone). There’s hardly any sign of Coldplay anymore, but I was reminded of another great band on some songs: Kashmir from Denmark. Barely Listening could just be cut out of their Zitilites album, and also Over-Ground would fit perfectly onto their playlist.

But fortunately, I don’t get the feeling that Pilate are just copycats. They even manage to slip in an over-long song with Don’t Stare, clocking in at 8:12, without disrupting the flow of the album (and you’re right if you assume that this is already one of my favourites! 😉 ). And there are some wonderful ballads as well, the highlight being closing title Into The West, a lush tune with a choir and soothing string sections.

I’m very pleased with Sell Control For Life’s Speed. At the moment, I like it even more than Caught By The Window. It does feel more mature and self-confident. Pilate may not have found their own distinctive style yet, but they’re on the right way to create a sound that will make them unique. I hope they’ll continue like this, even with a new name. Bring on the first Pilot Speed album!
Knife Grey Sea (MP3)
Barely Listening (MP3, via My Yellow Country Teeth)
Ambulance (Video On YouTube) (read about the experience of an Extra at that video shooting here)


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