Here’s the latest from my space:

Switzerland’s own Autumn In May has put up two new songs. Quite nice ones, too. Beautiful stuff!
And We Move (MP3)

Stunning Models On Display is an artist collective from New York City, promoting various acts. I’ve just picked three of them to introduce to you. If you visit their homepages, you can check out the rest of the gang.

The Echoes
Good old fashioned rock from Washington, DC

Hear ‘Em Talkin’ (MP3)

Paul Michel
Indie-Rock; some catchy songs here. Lots more for free on his homepage!
Always Right (MP3) (recommended)
Days Looking Up (MP3)
Expire (MP3)

Summer Lawns
Alternative-Rock; well… yeah!
Charts (MP3)

The Perfects
Another band from Washington DC; their New Wave-Elektro-Rock is quite something. Unfortunately, the better songs on MySpace are streams only, but you should listen to them anyway. Here’s a Duran Duran-cover for free:
Hungry Like The Wolf (MP3)
and: The Perfects probably have the creepiest pic on MySpace!


Here comes indie-rock from Manchester. Nothing too groundbreaking, really, but this one here is ok. What do you think?
Sensible Now (MP3)

Norway’s popsters Beezewax once more offer two new songs for free. And after hearing them, it’s definitely time for me to buy an album or two by those guys. It’s such wonderful music!
When You Stood Up (MP3)
So Young Still (MP3)

I normally don’t post bands that offer no downloads, but for the lovely Lucky Jim, I’m making an exception. They have put up two new songs, and I desperately want that new album now! Listen to Dear Brother and Love Birds here:


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