Mixed Bag Of Music Goodies

Letters & Colours
I mentioned this Sheffield post-punk-band here before, and now you can download 5 of their songs for free. If you’re into The Cure, Joy Division and the likes, you should give those guys a try!
http://www.myspace.com/lettersandcolours (Demos)
Confrontation (MP3)
Syntax (MP3) (recommended!)
Cause & Effect (I Love Poland Remix) (MP3)
Celibate Man (Demo) (MP3)
1917 (Demo)

Just in case you haven’t read it anywhere else: New York hotshots Levy have put up some new demos on their homepage. Get them quick! Thanks, Peter, for the tipp!
Squeeze (MP3)
Mint (MP3)
So Hard (MP3)

Another chapter in the history of the Manic Street Preachers is presented by Jamies Runout Groove. Read his very detailed and interesting article about Gold Against The Soul, and get half a ton of downloads there as well!

Shame on all of you!!! Why hasn’t anybody told me about the Music Blog Wiki??? Do I have to do all the work here by myself?
(no… I’m not really mad at you… I love you all, y’know…?!) 🙂

I have updated my Blog Link-list over there. Please welcome these new additions:
Polarblog (German)
Jamie’s Runout Groove
I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

Slapchar’s Journal

Wanna hear some really sad music? Try The Late Cord. This is the new church music. So they say on MySpace. I thought that iLiKETRAiNS is depressing, but these two Texans manage to drop your mood even lower! Probably not what you want to hear all day long, but somehow it is quite beautiful.
My Most Meaningful Relationships Are With Dead People (MP3) (what a great title!)

After such sad sounds, let’s get your mood up again, ok? Maybe this here will help. This Is A Process Of A Still Life is a six-piece from Montana and formed in early 2003. They offer us some instrumental tunes that both soothe and challenge. They have released 2 EPs so far, and it’s all yours for free! Get some of those beauties here, and visit their well-designed homepage for the rest of the tracks. You’ll feel very, very calm immediately…
All My Blessings Are A Curse (MP3)
Cross My Heart, Hope You Die (MP3)
Constantly Under Surveillance (MP3)
The Thing We Learned About Neptune (MP3)


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