Some Shorties

Can’t think of anything to write really, so I just collected some news:

My Architects have a new track on MySpace. Listen to Disaster here:

The Monday Photo are currently working on new songs and prepare for their first official release. Could be a great one! Listen to their songs here:
Allies (No Tomorrow) (MP3)

Hewit have made a new song available for downlading pleasures. Get Beautiful here:
Beautiful (MP3)

Read Stereogum‘s thoughts on Mew, and download two of their songs there!

Merz posts a U2-live-set from 1982 and has more goodies for fans of those Irish lads. And he has a nice post with some songs on that new Youth Group album as well!

Lost In The 80ies posts some of my favourite ABBA-Tracks… gotta love the Swedes! 🙂

And if you haven’t done so already, you should take a closer look at Morten‘s two Danish mixtapes!

If I’m in the mood, you’ll get more later…


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