I have been listening to the latest CDs by these bands all day yesterday. I’ve put them on Winamp and let it shuffle. And I did notice something: three of the albums are quite similar, and one is a bit of an exception. Let’s start off with this one:

OMR – Superheroes Crash

This French duo contacted me on MySpace a few weeks ago and wanted to send me some promo material. So I was quite surprised when I received the complete new album instead of promo stuff last week. Very generous!
Superheroes Crash is the second album by OMR (haven’t found out yet what OMR really means… “Homer” in French perhaps…? 🙂 ) . They started off as an electro-pop act, have written some music for films, and have now tried to write a more “mature” album. Although I don’t know much of the older stuff, I must admit that Superheroes Crash sounds pretty mature indeed. One can hear that they’re coming from the electronic corner, but it’s not that the synthies are all over the place. It’s more that they provide the ground on which OMR build their songs on. The whole album has a very mellow tone, but it’s not depressing. I was reminded of bands like Dubstar or Everything But The Girl which is quite a compliment.
Overall, I have a very good feeling about this album. When listened to as a whole album, some of the songs might sound a bit similar to others, but it still remains a worthy piece of music. You can listen to four songs on their official homepage, watch a video for the title track, and find some more songs on their MySpace.
Superheroes Crash (MP3)
The Way We Have Chosen (MP3)
Stood The Test Of Time (via Red Ruin Blog)

On to the other three new CDs. I’m gonna mix these ones up a bit as I think they are all singles albums. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I listened to each one of the albums in the correct order. I somehow missed a proper theme on all three CDs. But when I started to shuffle them, I’ve discovered more and more great songs that really caught my attention, and the next thing I’m gonna do is listen to each of the albums again and see what happens.

Youth Group – Casino Twilight Dogs

Youth Group‘s second album continues with some great tracks that could have easily fitted on their debut, Skeleton Jar. I couldn’t make out too many changes, but I think this is not really necessary with only two albums out. As long as they keep writing gorgeous tunes like Daisychains, On A String or Sicily, they can go on like that for a bit. They still remind me of James, and since those guys are no longer around, it’s good to have a worthy successor!
Forever Young (MP3)
Daisychains and Let It Go (MP3s via Yeti Don’t Dance Blog)

Mojave 3 – Puzzles Like You

Puzzles Like You
is my first Mojave 3 album, and from what I’ve read it apparently is their most commercial outing yet. Can’t really say, as I don’t know any older songs. But I like this new one. There are so much uplifting and catchy tracks here (the title track and Breaking The Ice are reason enough to buy the album!), but also some very beautiful ballads. I can feel that I will have some good times with this album in the future!
Puzzles Like You (MP3)
Breaking The Ice (MP3)
Starlight No. 1 (MP3)
Hard To Miss You (MP3)

Gomez – How We Operate

Although Gomez has been around for quite some time now, I never really cared about them. I only occasionally tumbled over them on some samplers. Until now. After hearing All Too Much and Tear Your Love Apart, I finally decided to give it a shot and get How We Operate. And that probably was a good decision; like on the other two albums up there, I’ve found some great tracks here as well. It is the most playful of the three, and probably the one that will keep me busy the most. I’m looking forward to get into it properly!
Girlshapedlovedrug (Very funny video)
How We Operate (Video)
Live on NPR (via The Late Greats)

And that’s that. Today it’s Switzerland’s birthday, which means no work, gather with friends, have a nice barbecue with food and drinks and in the evening, some fireworks. Well… since it’s raining right now, I’m not too sure about the barbie, but we’ll make the best out of it!


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