Mixed Monday

Although it’s Monday, it really is Saturday, because tomorrow, it’s Sunday in Switzerland (it really is Tuesday, but it’s the National Holiday which makes it a Sunday…). All clear? No? OK then… let’s listen to some music: 🙂

There’s a brand new song by Prog-Melancholics Anathema up on their website. They are still looking for a record deal, and I hope they’ll be successful soon. At least they don’t forget their fans, and keep them in touch with their music. A Simple Mistake is another great tune!
Anathema – A Simple Mistake (ZIP)

Cousin Basil
3 Chords, 4 Assholes and a Tape Recorder… what a great line to introduce a band. And it’s not even mine, it’s their own! Anyway, this Cleveland outfit presents some “Radioactive Rock-n-Roll” (another one of their lines…) for all you rock lovers out there. Bit of Stones, bit of Beatles, a touch of Blues, a hint of Country… well, just listen to some songs and see if you find some more influences. You can get all of their songs on their official homepage… and they’ll build up your immunity to radiation and protect against zombie bites (yep, another one of their lines!).
Reach Out (MP3)
Prodigal Fool (MP3)
Gestapo Girl (MP3)
I’m Crying (MP3)

And a few words about that Tattoo from last Friday: a tiny bit was boring, another tiny bit was ok, but most parts were just amazing! The presentation was absolutely stunning; we got everything from bagpipes to highland dancing to drumming to marching bands… I never thought this could be that entertaining! The highlight must have been the Swiss Drum Corps, Top Secret. They have been the darlings at the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2003, and after seeing their new show on Friday, it was easy to see why. They will be attending Edinburgh again this year, and I guess they will rock the crowd again. I found a clip from 2003 on YouTube, and if you want to see some crazy drumming, I suggest that you check this out (just ignore the French man babbling…)

Top Secret @ Edinburgh 2003

Got the new CDs from Mojave 3, Gomez and OMR on heavy rotation and hope to write a thing or two about them soon… keep your fingers crossed! 🙂


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