Mixed Up

Every Move A Picture have just released their debut album, and to celebrate that, they offer two songs free on MySpace. If only more artists would think like that!
Outlaw (MP3)
Simple Lessons In Love And Secession (MP3)

Vib Gyor have been to XFM lately to play some songs, and now offer one of them on MySpace. Get it while it’s there!
The Stalker (Live XFM) (MP3)

Tonight, I will be listening to music that I usually don’t. I’ll be attending a big Military Tattoo with bands from all over the world: Norway, Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Russia, Netherlands, Germany and of course some Swiss guys. You’ll probably heard of the famous Tattoo held in Edinburgh, Scotland. I don’t think tonight will be such a big event (and we’ll have no castle!), but I’m looking forward to it. And there’ll be lots of food and drink stalls around the area, so I guess I’ll be having one or two pints of Guinness as well!

Thanks to the providers! Make sure to visit their blogs; those are the good guys! 🙂


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