A Good Day For New Music

Yesterday was a good music day! Got lots of great new stuff that I’d like to share with you! Here we go:

First it’s Denmark again. The Racetrack Babies are just about to release their debut album in Denmark on August 7th, and their indie/alternative-rock should do well. But then again… I guess the Danish charts are polluted with the usual plastic pop as everywhere. Well, I hope the Racetrack Babies will get some recognition anyway! They deserve it!
Racetrack Babies (MP3)
The Messenger (MP3)
Unshined (MP3)

Next up is Spain. This is where RC2 create some fine ProgRock. Their major influences are the older Marillion, Yes, Rush, Genesis and Camel. So any fan of classic Prog-Rock should get enough pleasures for his/her ears. More snippets of their debut album are available on their official homepage!
Joroprog (MP3)
Sombras (MP3)
Gira La Tierra (MP3)
Once (MP3)

I mentioned Easterly yesterday, but those songs are so good that they deserve your full attention! So get them here and be amazed. Perfect summer sound! Thanks for the tip, molotov!
Lover Is Fine (MP3)
Getting Back Together (MP3)
Happiness (MP3)
Wicked Conversation (MP3)
If You Knew (MP3)

Peter has sent me a fabulous song from ThouShaltNot yesterday. Here’s some sound for all you New Order / Joy Division / Interpol / Alphaville etc.-Lovers. There’s only a snippet of that great song, Oh Invisible, available on their homepage, but there are a few full songs here that are pretty good as well. (and no, this is NOT Leo DiCaprio up there!)
Crawling Deeper (MP3)
Inside Of You, In Spite Of You (MP3)
Oh Invisible (Snippet) (MP3)

Both Morten and Peter recommend another Danish band, Dúné, and I’m more than happy to – once again – agree with the lads (which – whoa Nelly – isn’t always so! 🙂 ). But you can’t go wrong with Dúné; especially Go Go Valentina is a great retrospective of all the indie-elements we grew to love. Listen, now!
Go Go Valentina (MP3)
Robot Beat (MP3)


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