Once Around The Blog

It takes about 30 seconds of writing until my hands start to stick to the keyboard and my mouse is almost drowning in sweat… yep, summer is definitely here! So pardon my somewhat short and lazy posts, but it’s just too hot. Someone send me some icebergs!

Yeti Don’t Dance has two new songs from Australia’s Youth Group.

More solo songs from James Dean Bradfield on Some Velvet Blog and Heartache With Hard Work.

The most wonderful ballad ever comes from The Blue Nile, and is offered by The Merry Muses Of Caledonia.

There’s a Bob Dylan bootleg available on Kwaya Na Kisser.

Visit either Coast Is Clear or Hits In The Car for a new song from Du Pacque, and also download those two Mojave 3 tracks (review of the album will follow shortly).

A history lesson in Blur is on. Let Obscure Sound be your teacher.

The Runout Grove continues with some Manic Street Preachers history. This time it’s the story behind Suicide Is Painless. Read it!

a PLAGUE of ANGELS makes us want to listen to Easterly. Your wish is my command, especially with Teenage Fanclub, Grant Lee Buffalo and Pernice Brothers as a reference!

The Sandwich Club likes to cut it with Paper Scissors. Sounds… hmm… a bit weird. Maybe you’ll like it (chances are good if you’re into Talking Heads and the likes… which I am not really…).


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