This ‘n That

As promised, here are the links to the four songs from UK’s The Falling Leaves. If you’re into Powerpop with a hint of Shoegaze, you should definitely accept this offer!
Seventeen (MP3)
The Fallen Leaves (MP3)
Killer (MP3)
As Above So Below (MP3)

Find 4 remixes of Duran Duran songs on Indoor Fireworks. That Latin Rascals remix of Notorious is one of my favourite 80ies remixes… those were the days! 🙂

New Kasabian single Empire, found via Rocksuckers. Sounds like… well… Kasabian.

Cagey House from America are pretty special. Their instrumental Electronica-Experimental is something you don’t hear often these days. At times sounding like pieces of old Nintendo-games mashed up with disco-beats, on other occasions like straight out of a strange Alien B-movie, this definitely is not your average kind of music. I can’t really recommend all of it, but you should at least try out some songs. And there’s lots of it! (find MP3s of the older EPs here) (download the full album here)
BF1001 (MP3)
Octopus Two (MP3)
Aristotle Bombay (MP3)
The Shnay Speaks (MP3)


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