Weekend Roundup


The American Dollar
Experimental sounds from N.Y.
Everyone Gets Shot (MP3)
Peterson (Video)

Rock/Alternative from Glasgow.
Social Dancing (MP3)
Tactician (MP3)
Stay In The Kitchen (MP3)

Indie-Rock from Essex, UK.
People You Know (MP3)
Someone (MP3)
Alone (MP3)
Be Like Joe (MP3)
Breakdown (MP3)

Abe Quigley
Acoustic Jazz Rock vom Chicago.
Kid (MP3)
Breathe (MP3)
Double (MP3)
Dent (MP3)

The Angelic Process
Ambient Metal from Athens, Georgia.
We All Die Laughing (MP3)
Crippled Healing (MP3)
The Black Ark (MP3)

Alternative Psychedelic from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Seeking The Shades (MP3)
Face Of A Father (MP3)
Inbetween Mammoths And Elephants (MP3)
Feeding The Nonentity (MP3)

The Falling Leaves
Mentioned the band in one of my last posts already. All their songs are now available for download.
There seems to be a problem (again!) on MySpace, so the links to the songs will follow later. If the above download-links don’t work, try again later…

More new MySpace-friends, but no downloads, so… no mentions.

On The Blogs:

Make sure you don’t miss Merz‘ 80ies revival posts. Lots of hidden gems there!
Mars Needs Guitars

The Runout Grove by Jamie has an extensive post about Generation Terrorists, one of the best Manics albums. Check it out!
The Runout Grove

My Old Kentucky Blog has the new Scissor Sisters song, I Don’t Feel Like Dancing. Sounds quite ok (but I still think they should hang for what they did to Comfortably Numb!)
My Old Kentucky Blog

Peter @ Schallgrenzen has a posting about some newer Prog-Rock-bands. I haven’t got around to listen to all of them, but from what he writes, they all could be pretty good!
Schallgrenzen (in German)

Morten recommended Danish band Placenta a few days back, and if you haven’t listened to them already, you should do it now!
Hits In The Car

Slave To The Details has a posting about some French bands. Although I’m not really into French music, I highly recommend that you download the wonderful Le Vent Nous Portera by Noir Désir!!!
Cliquez ici!

Looking At Them looks at the stars. Check out the posting about one of my favourite movie composers!
May The Force Be With You!

Travel back to the 60ies with Molotov‘s latest mixtape!
A Plague Of Angels

Saliva reports from Bukta Festival in Tromso, Norway, and was blown away by Mew. No surprise to me! 🙂
For The Eardrums
(American readers: don’t forget to pre-order Mew‘s brilliant And The Glass Handed Kites, in stores by the end of the week!)

And finally, Some Velvet Blog has the new Pernice Brothers single, Somerville. Very nice!
Some Velvet Blog

On The Net:

MusicOMH thinks that the Guillemots debut is 2006’s finest album to date. Haven’t heard it yet, but consider buying it. What do you think about it?
MusicOMH on Guillemots


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