Too Lazy To Think Of A Title…

… Summer strikes, and it’s way too hot to write much. So I’m gonna keep it short!

Another demo of a new Cooper Temple Clause song has popped up. Download Talking To Pylons here: ZIP-File.

Seems like everyone has been raving about Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s. Despite the somewhat stupid name, the music sounds really good. Listen here: Talking In Codes (MP3)

Shall I buy the latest Gomez album? I really like All Too Much and Tear Your Love Apart, but is the rest any good?

New songs from Nada Surf and Youth Group on the net: Nada Surf via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, and Youth Group via You Ain’t No Picasso.

Have you seen that video for Muse‘s Knights Of Cydonia? Well, here’s the link: YouTube. If it’s meant to be a joke, then it’s fabulous, if not… well… there must be some crazy shit going in their minds!!! What do you think?

…if you’re lucky, you’ll get more later, but don’t count on it…


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