A Little Gem In BritPop-History

Born in 1997, London-based band Rialto came just in time to get a piece of that Brit-Pop-Cake. Two of the founders, Louis Eliot and Jonny Bull, have been working together quite successful as Kinky Machine from 1991 to 1997, before they created their new baby. Rialto was named after a chain of cinemas, and their music was quite often labelled as “cinematic”. After some hiccups with their record labels, their self-titled debut was finally released in 1998 and sold quite good in the UK. They have since released an EP and another album, but couldn’t repeat the success from the debut.

I remember hearing one or two songs from Rialto back in those days, but I’ve never cared enough to buy anything from them. It was only a few weeks ago that the name popped up on various blogs again, and after hearing some of the offered songs, I decided that it was time to fill another gap in my collection.

If you’re not familiar with Rialto, try to imagine a less-electronic version of the Lightning Seeds. Keep the catchy chorusses, add some more string sections, and you’re almost there. The term “cinematic” fits really good. You will find more than one song that you can easily hum along to, and even if the album is already 8 years old, it doesn’t sound dated. And what’s wrong with listening to the orignal stuff instead of some new bands trying to copy it?

If you’re interested in buying Rialto‘s debut, I suggest you visit your amazon-shop or ebay. Chances are good that you’ll find a fair deal there (I did!). In the meantime, enjoy these songs here:
Untouchable (Video on YourTube)
Monday Morning 5:19 (Video on YourTube)
Summer’s Over (via Mars Needs Guitars; scroll down. Thanks, Merz!)


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